Science Wizard

Dr. David Oppenheimer (no relation), master of physics!


Science Wizard
Dr. David Oppenheimer (no relation)
Origin: Gimmick

Prowess 6
Coordination 4
Strength 6
Intellect 8
Awareness 4
Willpower 4

Stamina 10
Determination 1


  • Occult
  • Science (Physics)


  • Probability Control 5 (Good Luck)
  • Wizardry Device 6 (Gadgets (Intellect)) – Nano Powder (Force Field, Blast)


  • Catchphrase : Let’s make reality dance!
  • Identity : Reformed supervillain: Red Death
  • Epithet : Master of physics so complex it’s like magic!
  • Connections : Lacy Simpson – plucky reporter


  • Personal : Wants to be heralded as a hero
  • Weakness : Without his nano powder he has no Wizardry, Prowess 1, Strength 2

Point Total 45


Dr. David Oppenheimer (no relation) is a genius, and physics is his plaything. He got his first PHd at the age of 21, but soon abandoned main stream research. His theoretical research was so advanced that, even to other physicists, it sounded like pseudoscience occult mumbo jumbo. His girlfriend, Lacy, was the only one to believe in him, even if she couldn’t understand it.

He was laughed out of the physics community, called misguided by some, mad by others. Unfortunately, this gifted genius had a chip on his shoulder, and decided to apply his theories to practical matters. The more he learned, the deeper into the physics he probed, he realized by doing certain complex calculations in his head, he was able to manipulate reality in his favor. Also, with the help of nano-partical sized probibility generators, he was able to bend space-time around him, even sending focused distortions, disrupting minds. Calling himself the Red Death, he set out to exact his revenge on those who had mocked him. Lacy tried to talk him out of it, but he was bound and determined to see it to the end.

Fortunately for him, he was stopped on his first outing, before anyone was injured (other than him). He spent the next year in jail, plotting revenge. However, with the support of Lacy he realized that the best revenge would be to make the world a better place, to be loved by one and all, and for all those who mocked him to beg his forgiveness (which he would give, with all due humility). Yes, he would defeat them by being a hero! He would show them all!

Science Wizard

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