ICONS: Stark City

Adventures in Stark City Issue #1


So, tonight’s game was attended by Andrew, Mike, Joe, Lon, Dan (Evil Dan), and myself (Kindly Dan). We recorded a fair bit of it before Mike’s (Dr. Quark) computer choked itself to death, as it too is a precog and knew of what we were going to speak.

In short:

A villain attacks the team’s mobile headquarters (From Saturn’s days in M.O.N.I.T.O.R. (extra player nummies to whomever comes up with the actual words for the acronym) ). At first glance? A vengeful spirit, wrath borne of devastating loss, who turns out to be….a strange simulacrum from another world!

An invasion plot is afoot, and would have gone unnoticed, if the simulacrum hadn’t been modified by an unknown villain and his cohort. The team’s resident Scientist/Wizard, Science Wizard was able to track down the last of these hidden invaders, posing as desk clerk at the Stark City Visitor’s Center, Sandra Jones.

The game ended as the team converged on the hidden invader, as the mystery deepens!

Give a listen…


danrhouser danrhouser

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