Uber Affen

Nazi Ape!


Uber Affen Unknown Transformed

Prowess 5 Coordination 5 Strength 7 Intellect 5 Awareness 5 Willpower 9

Stamina 16 Determination *


Powers Mind Control Device 7 – Die eisernen Handschuh (The Iron Glove) Emotion Control Device 5 (All Emotions) – Die eisernen Handschuh (The Iron Glove) Invulnerability 3 Leaping 2

Qualities Catchphrase : Für die fünfte Reich! (For the fifth Reich!) Connections : The Fifth Reich, neo-nazi groups, hate groups Epithet : The Arian Ape Motivation : World Domination of the Fifth Reich

Challenges Bad Luck Social : He is an 800 lb gorilla Personal : Arrogant, likes to monolog

Point Total 53


Months before the fall of Nazi Germany, a high ranking officer in the secret occult program had his mind transfered to the body of a huge genetically enhanced gorilla. Since then, he has had his mind transfered to increasingly more powerful bodies, in addition to his magical mind control gauntlet Die eisernen Handschuh (The Iron Glove). He has been biding his time to build up his power base and was finally known to the public about 5 years ago. He has recently found out it was Science Wizard who had sabotaged his first plot to kill all non-aryan.

Uber Affen

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